Christian Louboutin Heels

Posted on January 19 2011

Over the past few years,Christian Louboutin heels have become the ultimate fashion accessory. Whether it’s the signature red soles or the killer 5 inch heels, there’s just something about Louboutins that makes every girl swoon. Although many have attempted to copy, a real Louboutin is something special that just can’t be recreated. Sure, the pricetag is quite steep, but it’s the price to pay for true craftsmanship and luxury materials. Facts about Louboutin and his shoes: * The designer was freelancing for a bunch of big fashion labels, when he decided on a change of career and became a landscape designer in 1989. In 1992 he returned to his passion with his own eponymous label. * The red sole was inspired by an employee’s red nails. * There are 12 Louboutin boutiques worldwide * The cult Pigalle is the most popular model for the brand, exists in many different heights, materials and colours and has graced the feet of about every celebrity. See a little selection below! * Last year, the brand launched to stop the massive amount of cheap counterfeits, usually coming out of Asia. As they say themselves: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Buy the real thing! At High Fashion Society we ensure that all items are authentic, by getting them checked by experts and by only accepting top quality items. Right now we are proud to have a pair of genuine pre-owned black patent Pigalle 120 heels in the shop, as well as some other models. Check them out in our shoe section here.

Here are some of our favourite celebrities spotted wearing the Louboutin Pigalles:


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