Elizabeth Taylor - A beautiful Icon

Posted on April 16 2011

A true Hollywood legend passed away on March 24th and will never lose her place in history thanks to her iconic beauty and individual use of an eyebrow pencil! Elizabeth Taylor was known for many things, but none more than her beautiful angelic face and diva attitude. In tribute to Liz, here are three of her most iconic pictures and tips on how to re-create the Hollywood glamour at home. Ms Taylor sure knew how to frame her face and project youth, even in her later years, through her amazingly sculpted eyebrows. Those two hairy caterpillars on the top of your face can make such a difference if they’re arched correctly and drawn in (subtly) to make them look full. As you age your eyebrows thin, so the easiest way to cut ten years off your birth date is just to primp them to perfection. This eyebrow kit from Benefit is all you need to get the perfect brows – shadows, creams, highlighters and even a mini tweezer and liner.

Benefit Brows a-go-go Brow & Eye Shaping Kit

Black eyeliner was a staple in Elizabeth’s bag whether she was subtly creating a frame for her beautiful lilac eyes, or going all out in Cleopatra with some fabulous dramatic make-up. If you get your hands on a soft khol you can create whatever look you wish, as the pencil will blend and smoothly work around the eye area. Try this one from NARS which is also fantastic at staying put all day long.

NARS Eyeliner Pencil

Finally, to finish off that look you need a fabulous red lipstick that will never go out of style. Liz was never seen without her lippie, because she knew glamour was all about knowing what suits you. There’s a red for everyone and the shades available from Lord & Berry are much more wearable if you’re fearful of a dramatic lip look. The key is to keep the eyes subtle so the focus in on the lip and outline the upper and lower lips before you fill them in. Lord & Berry Vogue Matte Velvet Lipstick


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