Vintage Chanel 2.55

Posted on April 19 2011

Of all handbags in the world, none is more legendary and recognizable than the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag: it’s a true fashion icon in its own right! This quilted beauty has graced the arm of the glamorous and fashionable crowd for so many decades and it’s not bound to go out of style any time soon. Whether it’s with a jeans or evening gown, this is one of the few bags to transcend all ages and styles. And although this is one of the most popular handbags ever made, very few people know the history behind the bag. Essential things you should know about the Chanel 2.55 flap bag: * The 2.55 stands for the date it was first launched by Coco Chanel: February 1955. The design hasn’t changed since! * It is often referred to as the flap bag, because of the double flap which you only see once you open it. * On the inside of one of the flaps is a secret compartment, where Coco used to keep her love letters * There are 5 other compartments on the inside, ensuring plenty of space and organisation in this small bag. Having different compartments were a love of Mademoiselle Coco. * There are often confusions over the different names of the bags. There’s the Classic, the 2.55, the Reissue (from the Karl Lagerfeld era), … If you’re buying vintage, make sure you do your research! * Although you can get the new reissue in stores, this is one of few bags to get more valuable the older they get. A good quality vintage is actually a great investment! Over time, this bag has come in endless different models, colours and fabrics, but no version is more classic than the black leather with gold hardware. A true classic, and we have a vintage 90′s model in excellent condition available on HFS now… but probably not for long! See our listing here. For all other handbags, check here. Some celebrities with their beloved Chanel handbags:

Alexa Chung, Lilly Allen, Victoria Beckham and Lauren Conrad.

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