Exclusive Interview with Tolula Adeyemi

Posted on July 12 2011

Here's the fascinating interview with Top model, fashion icon, actress, DJ and Vivienne Westwood’s muse Tolula Adeyemi exclusively for High Fashion Society, where she shares her latest projects, red carpet moments and her top three wardrobe essentials. Also Tolula donates a pair of her very own shoes in our charity auction. What exciting projects are you currently working on? Any movies in the pipeline? I have just wrapped two films. the first is an independent feature film about the dangers of the internet, the consequences of our actions on cyber space! The second is a "Mockumentary" A documentary style comedy about a gang of pick pocket thieves invading London. The first is filmed in different locations around the world and the second is a very London based film. What has been your most cherished moment in your career so far? The most cherished moments in my career so far has been the times when I have been lucky enough and privileged to do the things I have always wanted to do, such as work with legendary artists and icons in the two industries I work in the most - Fashion and Film. It was pretty special to film alongside Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson when filming my first feature film, Last Chance Harvey. Working and still having the opportunity to work with Vivienne Westwood is just brilliant. I have worked with Kylie Minogue in the past on various projects after shooting her video for 'Two Hearts'. Also just meeting extraordinary people and learning from them to help better myself at what I do, I greatly cherish. Your often seen on the red carpet, what has been your favourite red carpet moment? My favourite red carpet moment was for the premiere of my film Last Chance Harvey. When it's your own film you're walking the red carpet for it's kinda magical and you really appreciate the cause and take pride. I try not to walk the red carpet for the sake of it!

Photograph by Andrew & William Ho

Who are your biggest inspirations/icons (fashion/acting/modelling)? My biggest inspirations in film are actresses who are dedicated to their craft and are able to make some sort of transformation. Such as Charlize Theron, Halle Berry (I have to say I am biased also because they were previously models before they won their Oscars!) I love Tilda Swinton's work and choices of projects. I also love quite a few American indie/character actors such as Catherine Keener, Maggie Gyllenhaal, as well as her brother's early work. I love legends such as Jane Fonda (see 70s film Klute), Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Annette Benning, Angelica Huston.... Fashion wise I of course love Vivienne Westwood and I have always had a lot of love and admiration for Alexander McQueen, who was great friends with good friends of mine and he was always a very lovely, gentle man.  I have also met Giorgio Armani who has a great fashion presence within film, especially during the 80s (American Gigigilo etc). ......I also have many icons within different arenas such as art, music, literature.... Do you have any stories you can tell us about your career? funny, nightmare, exciting... A funny/nightmare story from my career would have to be when I tripped up on the catwalk at Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief catwalk show benefiting the disaster in Haiti. I had flown in from LA that day and was extremely jet lagged. I had literally went from the airport runway to the fashion runway! And as the flight is much longer from Los Angeles to London and you loose a night's sleep, so the jet lag is killer! I hadn't been there for a fitting so I literally wore whatever they had left and it worked thank God! But unfortunately they didn't have any shoes in my size and I had to stuff the shoes. But that still didn't work as I tripped up on one of them. Still smiling I carried on and the show was a success!! What is your secret for keeping your body fabulous and your skin flawless? To keep in shape, I do yoga and I have recently taken up Thai Kick- Boxing. Also drink lots of water and try not to smoke!! What three essentials should every woman have in their wardrobe? 3 essentials for a woman's wardrobe could be a great fitted versatile day dress, a little sexy black dress and a pair of beautiful heels that will be coveted. A wonderful shade of red lipstick is also a must-have. Top style tips: Wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy...then experiment.

Image - Princes Trust Lipstick Campaign

What are you sharing from your wardrobe with HIGH-FASHION-SOCIETY.COM? I am donating a pair of tapestry woven style wedged heels from Vivienne Westwood. I wore them only once before during one fashion week, after walking in Vivienne Westwood's show and I wore them to ‘Another Magazine’ party at the Double-Club. I love them, but I think someone else should enjoy them, they are basically brand new! All the proceeds from the sale of these shoes will go to the Kids Company Charity which supports vulnerable inner city children. Start bidding now! Check out Tolula's fantastic blog 'My name is Tolula', you can also follow Tolula on twitter for regular updates @tolulaadeyemi With special Thanks to Tolula Adeyemi x


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