Lindsay Lohan Sells Her Pre-Loved Designer Clothes

Posted on December 08 2012

It is reported that even actress Lindsay Lohan has joined the world of selling her old pre-loved designer clothes for cash. The troubled star is said to be in urgent need of cash since her bank accounts were seized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after failing to pay her federal taxes in 2010, her debts are in the region of $230,000.00+. Lohan has enlisted the help of her younger sister Ali to take her designer pieces to LA's high end secondhand vintage store Wasteland. Some of the designer pieces Lindsay Lohan is selling include Chanel and Balenciaga. RadarOnline’s source overhead Ali struggling to get a good price for her sisters goods when the store offered her only $30 dollars for a pair of Chanel pumps exclaiming, “Thirty dollars for these? They cost $700. This is ridiculous.” If Lindsay Lohan had only decided to sell her old designer pieces with High Fashion Society she would have got a lot more then $30 dollars for a pair of a Chanel boots! Despite all of Lindsay's troubles we can't deny that she does have a great sense of style so whoever manages to get their hands on a piece from Lindsay's wardrobe at a bargain price is one lucky bugger.


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