Posted on July 21 2013

High Fashion Society presented an American Vintage Victory themed party in true spirited fanfare in Shoreditch on the 4th of July. From Chanel jewelry and vintage Yves Saint Laurent to a Hermès Birkin, the pre-loved online shop took their wares offline showcasing their latest finds and vintage pieces. The event drew bloggers and guests such as Sophie Anderton, Daniel Jones, Lewis-Duncan Weedon, Zoe Pocock and Su-Elise Nash. "I love vintage," said model Sophie Anderton who treated herself by purchasing the Mulberry Poacher jacket and a Missoni dress. "My favourites are YSL and Chanel." Stylist and designer Lewis-Duncan Weedon, an avid vintage enthusiast, acquired his grandmother's Birkins and Chanel blazers at an early age. "I collect vintage, so I'm really avant garde and I love pieces. It's so nice to see actual vintage. You know sometimes people say it's vintage when it's actually not. There are some incredible pieces here that I've had my eye on. Which is really good for collectors," said Weedon. "I'm into the ethos of beautiful fashion that's very well made. The fabrication of the pieces are just so beautiful and they last. I love high end fashion as well. I think with high street and things, there's just something about the glamour and the elegance of vintage pieces. And also the story behind them as well. When you buy a top from the high street, there's nothing there but if you go and buy something here, you might know a little something about who's worn it and where it has been and the era. I love that." The venue was transformed into a space of retro nostalgia with vintage Edwarian trunks, imagery of style icon Audrey Hepburn and a jukebox playing classic tunes. Guests sipped on champagne, Pimms and American beer and enjoyed a typical 4th of July barbecue spread which included burgers, hot dogs and bespoke High Fashion Society cupcakes. Bloggers embraced their retro spirit that evening, channeling vintage style and glamour by dressing in couture. They finished their look with the help of hairstylist Timothy David and make up artist Justyna Dobrowloska and had the moment captured on camera by Kell Mitchell. Scroll down to view our gallery with all the photo's from the event. [print_gllr id=1292]


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