Covetique Luxury Fashion Stopped Trading

Posted on June 06 2015

Message posted by Covetique to address their users -

Covetique Second hand Luxury Fashion Company owned by ASOS has closed its doors. They have released the statement in which they admit that the level of investment needed was 'unsustainable'.

If you are a fan of buying and selling pre-owned luxury fashion online then you would possibly have heard of

They were a very similar website to High Fashion Society. Sadly Covetique is gone... they recently closed their doors and are no longer open for business so if you are looking for somewhere to buy or sell your pre-owned designer goods with impeccable service then look no further than, we are here to assist.

ASOS owned a 30% stake in the recently closed down pre-loved website and the reason for Covetique's closure is because the level of investment they required became unsustainable.

"This venture was part of a very clear strategy of making sure we explore interesting opportunities and, whilst we are disappointed that the investment did not work out as hoped this time, we will always continue to explore newness," Asos told RetailWeek. 

So what is the difference between High Fashion Society and Covetique I hear you ask?...

Well it is a very similar concept but we at HFS offer more of personal touch to both buyers and to sellers as well as membership options, we like to think of ourselves as a fashion club.

For us it's the little things that are important like a follow up phone call, a penny in your new purse for good luck, luxury packaging and a hassle free shopping and selling experience.

High Fashion Society is a premier destination for buying or selling pre-loved luxury fashion. We make luxury affordable by offering authentic gently used designer goods whilst offering the same level of service that you would receive when buying direct from the high fashion houses themselves.

If you're a seller we offer to do all the hard work for you so you don't have to whilst trying to achieve the best price possible for your old designer buys.

If you would like further information on selling with us click here for our selling guide.

If you want to shop just click on the tabs above.


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