8 Reasons to Love Vintage Fashion

Posted on September 12 2013

Vintage and pre-loved apparel and accessories offer a timeless and classic appeal here are 8 reasons why we love it. 1. Vintage is eco-friendly. It minimises environmental and social issues with your wardrobe. With energy consumption, the practices of fast fashion, child labour and sweat shops, going vintage offers a environmentally-sound option. 2. Vintage is an investment. Buying pre-loved luxury items is a practical choice in today's economy. With the rising cost of designing and producing luxury fashion, prices continue to soar due to production costs and competition. Vintage is money well spent. 3. Vintage is inspirational. Style has evolved for many decades. Vintage allows you to sartorially embrace the era. 4. Vintage is unique. Certain pieces can either one-of a kind or limited edition. Either way there's a good chance that only a select few will have the same exact item. Buying pre-loved gives you an edge as each piece is unique and only made for a certain duration of time. 5. Vintage is versatile. Vintage can be mixed in easily with your wardrobe. 6. Vintage has a rich history. Good fashion gets better with age. 7. Vintage is quality. With so many items being mass produced, quality is a bit different as compared to many luxury items made with superior attention to detail. 8. Vintage is a collectable. True lovers of fashion will agree that there are key pieces in your wardrobe that have either been handed down or you acquire items that you plan to treasure. Tips: Know Your Style and Fit Once you've developed your own sartorial style, it's best to curate your closet with classic and timeless staples. Investing in classic pieces is a good way to build your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Rework as needed When you fall in love with a vintage item, there will be a chance that it might not fit perfectly. Which gives you the opportunity to make it yours. Can the seam be let loose? What if you removed the sleeves? Or perhaps shorten it a bit. Either way, you can suit it to fit you. Get inspired Collect photographs or images that reflect your style and taste. Create a wish list of items that will sustain long-wear use.