About Us

High Fashion Society® is a unique exclusive members only club offering a one-stop destination for all fashion and styling needs launched in 2010.

Our mission is to form an ongoing relationship with each member providing them with a range of services that they can use when and as required from the buying and selling of their previous season designer collections and luxury goods.

Our aim is to be the leading online trusted source for the buying and selling of authentic pre-owned and vintage high fashion designer luxury goods. We believe that shopping online for pre-owned designer brands should be as plain sailing, therapeutic and as exhilarating just as if you were purchasing directly from a design house.

Our money back guarantee is what we adhere to, to ensure the authenticity of all luxury goods.

Not only does the High Fashion Society provide a multitude of valuable services but also when becoming a member of the club every individual receives regular updates of the latest fashion and style happenings, discounts on all of our services, waiting list priority, product alerts, invites to fashion events plus much more.

High Fashion Society is a revolutionary and beneficial way to keep current with fashion, maintain your wardrobe and take the stress out of being stylish. If you want your wardrobe to become an investment rather then a liability then join the club.