Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the High Fashion Society means you have a TRUSTED and RELIABLE source for all your high fashion and style needs.

Join the ultimate fashion club today where you can sell your luxury goods, use our style services and shop for that special something all at one destination.

Their are two membership tiers with great benefits for you to take advantage of:
Membership Benefits Standard
Agency fee 50% 30%
Service and selected product discount 10-15%
Full access to site X X
Product alerts X X
Newsletters X X
Waiting list priority X
Collection or delivery discounts X
Sales preview invites X X
Shopping discounts X
I am looking for X
More membership benefits coming soon X


VIP waiting list priority means that if an item comes in that you have been looking for then you will be the first to know when it arrives.

Every new VIP member need not worry about how they are going to get their goods to us to sell for them, on your first consignment we will arrange a collection free of charge once you have checked in your goods through our online check in system.

Your first purchase with us will be delivered absolutely free.

(This service applies to UK VIP members only)

10% off any services in our style department

VIP members also get to use our ‘I am looking for’ service which means you can tell us about a hard to find item that you are looking for and we will help you find it. The item must be a luxury fashion item.