Seller FAQ's

Sellers Frequently Asked Questions

What is a consignment agency?

High Fashion Society acts a consignment agent for those who wish to sell their AUTHENTIC pre-owned luxury designer fashion goods on your behalf. You consign your luxury goods with us and we’ll sell them for you ensuring you get the best price and then we take a small cut for our hard work. (A consignment agency is also known as designer resale, a dress agency or clothes agency.)

What types of items can High Fashion Society sell for me?

Leather Goods: Handbags, Shoes, Belts, Wallets, Purses and Luggage.

Accessories: Scarves, Belts, Hats, Brooches, bag charms and Gloves.

Jewellery: (fine & costume): Watches, Chains, Bracelets and Rings.

Clothing: We are extremely selective on the clothing we accept but we would consider spectacular pieces only such as Dresses, Coats, Jackets, Skirts. We do not accept jeans.

    What designer brands does High Fashion Society sell on consignment?

    We only strictly act as an agent for the selling of High Fashion luxury brands ranging from Alaia, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton to Saint Laurent. If you are not sure if we will accept a brand please contact us.

    What condition are you willing to sell my items in?

    We only sell authentic designer items that are new or in nearly new, gently used and clean condition. We always request original packaging, authenticity cards, date and proof of purchase to be provided where possible. We offer a handbag repair and cleaning service for those wanting to sell high end bags but may have picked up dirt or be slightly damaged, there is a cost for this service. 

    How can I become a consignor and start selling my luxury goods through High Fashion Society?

    Before we can sell for you, you must be a member of the High Fashion Society and all goods need to be approved. Click Here to Join the Club.

    How does the approval process work?
    Approval is conducted in two stages initially via photographic inspection to ensure that all goods meet the standards of the High Fashion Society’s sales quality and authenticity criterion, following the first stage goods are then manually inspected by our team of trusted and experienced merchandisers to examine for any undeclared damage and authenticity. Online approval takes up to 72 hours but usually a lot sooner.

    Any goods that do not pass approval will be declined.

    How do I get my items to High Fashion Society?
    After your goods have passed approval you can then get your items to us by:

    • Shipping them to us via a trusted and reliable courier
    • Arranging a collection (free if consigning over 20 items)
    • Drop of to our Mayfair, London office - by appointment only.

    How much commission does High Fashion Society charge for selling my items?

    We charge the lowest commission rates on the market, our commission ranges from 35% - 50% of the final sale price of sale. You will be charged according to your membership tier. It's 35% for VIP members - we recommend this tier for those selling large quantities of high value items. 50% for standard members. See full details of membership tiers here. 

    How will I receive funds from my items that have sold?
    We will notify via email once we have sold your item/s. We will pay you for any sold items within 30 days after the completion of the sale via a bank transfer.
    What happens if my goods don’t sell?
    If your goods appear to not be performing very well then we will review the selling price and reduce it at your consent if it is below the original price bracket or return it to you. We do suggest to allow for around 6 months for items to sell but they will usually sell much sooner. 
    Would High Fashion Society consider buying my goods from me?
    High Fashion Society would consider buying only certain items such as Handbags from Chanel and Hermés. Contact us for more info more info.

     My question is not listed here?

    Please read our terms and conditions or contact us if a frequently asked question is not listed here.

    We accept international sellers.
    Our aim is to develop an ongoing relationship with our members as fashion trends are constantly changing which means that if you are an individual who likes to stay up to date with fashion then your wardrobe will need to be constantly changing too.